Olivia at 47 Weeks

20130611-153109.jpgThis week, Olivia:

  • Is throwing objects from her highchair and her pack and play
  • Is starting to fuss at mealtimes again. She gets up in the middle of drinking her bottle and decides she wants to play instead
  • Likes to drink water from a grown up cup when we go out to eat
  • Tried some margherita pizza!! Hubby and I love taking O out to dinner – it’s even more fun now that we can actually order food that she can eat. The crust was perfect, because it was super soft throughout, and she just took little nibbles. I feel like pizza has to be relatively healthy if it’s made with high quality ingredients and very little oil right?!
  • Still loves to dance
  • Is finally sprouting her two top teeth! The little slivers are poking through just a bit. I can’t believe she’s only just had her two bottom ones this whole time! As far as teething symptoms go, she continues to chew on the corners of books and totally demolish them, and she’s had a couple of nights of fussy sleep.
  • Started signing “milk” again, and says “ilk” along with the sign!! Same for “more” and “ore”, although while she definitely does this when she wants milk, she also does it when she sees any beverage/bottle. And sometimes even when I give her milk after she signs/asks for it, she slaps the bottle away. She’s starting to develop some sass 🙂

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