Olivia at 46 Weeks: Wonder Week 46


Well, I have to tell you – aside from a few blips on the radar, our Wonder Week 46 stormy phase was almost nonexistent. At the same time, Olivia has made some pretty cool developmental leaps during this time period (the last month or so). She started walking, saying more words unprompted, repeating everything we say, and piecing actions together. Wonder Week 46 is all about baby learning the sequence of events (“Your baby starts to link actions together to reach a goal”), and in that sense, it was right on.

    This week, Olivia:

  • Keeps looking for objects after we hide them (for longer than she did before).
  • Imitates sounds and actions / sequences of events – the best is how she leans over, smells flowers and says, “mmmm” after watching me do it.
  • Likes mini bagels with cream cheese.
  • Is obsessed with our big exercise ball and says “ball” constantly. She also loves this Rhino Toys Oball. It’s really easy to grip and throw to us, or just grab and shake to make the rattle sound.
  • Also says “hot” all the time. We’ve been pointing out to her when things are hot (bottle, food, etc.) but I think she just likes saying the word.
  • Is becoming more mischievous. I let her play with a magazine and tear the pages. After about 10 minutes, she started testing me a bit by bringing a piece of paper to her mouth briefly, looking right at me with a big grin, and then taking it away from her mouth. She did this a few times and then attempted to eat the paper to see my reaction. At that point, I put the magazine away and gave her another toy, but it was so cute how sly she was about the whole thing!
  • Enjoys putting objects in – and taking them out of – containers. Her favorite is an empty cardboard oatmeal container. She can sit there putting the same object in and out for a good 15 minutes!
  • Cried when I stepped on the scale at the doctor’s office. Hah! I brought O with me to my physical, and had her in her stroller. I wheeled her right up to the scale, and when I stepped away to get on it, she started bawling, even though I was facing her.
  • Likes to throw objects (food, sippy cup, utensils) down from her high chair, and is generally more impatient in there.

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  1. I am just getting into this stormy phase and I just came back to your site to refer to how yours went……….My little O is into THROWING TANTRUMS and won’t sleep during the day!!! 🙁 Sob, this is going to be a long one, isn’t it?

    • Maybe not, Jody!! Keep the hope alive! Our Wonder Week 46 wasn’t bad at all. 19 was unreal. Everything after that seemed like a vacation 🙂

  2. @ Jody, my daughter is right in the middle of this leap too. All other leaps were pretty good, her sleep wasn’t really impacted, sure she was fussy and appetite was off but my gosh is this leap ever different. If I can get her to nap for more than 30 minutes twice per day we’re having a GREAT day. She is incredibly fussy and seems to only calm down when I hold her (there are times where my husband holds her and she’ll only calm down once she’s back in my arms). Granted she’s also teething (she is cutting 4 top teeth). It feels like we’ve been at it for a couple weeks already and I’m looking forward to her learning this new skills. Oh well, at least she’s darn cute!

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