Olivia at 42 Weeks

Headband available at Ryan & Wren

Headband available at Ryan & Wren

This week, Olivia:

  • Walked her official solo first steps on May 2! Four of them in a row!! For the past couple of weeks, she’s been taking 1-2 steps without any support and then deciding that it’s way easier to get down and crawl towards us. This time she kept going!
  • Is a mimicking machine! It’s so much fun showing her sounds and gestures and watching her repeat them.
  • Points to her mouth and teeth and sticks out her tongue when asked.
  • Loves to eat the crust off of toast.
  • Is sliding objects across the floor, from one end of the room to another.
  • Started practicing handing us objects when we ask her for them.
  • Started blowing kisses! She usually does it only when we do it first, but this morning she said “Mama” and then blew me a kiss! Ahhhh!
  • Isn’t as much into books when we’re around the house. She’s totally focused on exploration now. She especially likes being in the kitchen with me, so I’ve given her a cabinet filled with tupperware and other plastic bottles and wooden bowls, which keeps her quite entertained!
  • Got a new toy – the LeapFrog My Discovery House. So far, she is fixated on opening and closing the refrigerator door, but there are a ton of activities on it so I’m hoping it keeps her engaged (read: busy, so mommy can actually do some cleaning around here and maybe go to the bathroom) for a while.
  • Started sniffing her own feet.  This is awesome.  We play a game with her where we smell her feet and go “Peeeeww” which she really gets a kick out of.  Now, she pulls her feet to her nose and sniffs!
  • Plays peekaboo.  She ducks behind the couch, pops up and squeals.
  • Is pointing at everything.
  • Really dislikes being held and has a few main escape tactics: 1) go limp and try to slither out of our arms 2) flatten out like a board or arch her back to try to escape and 3) try to catch us by surprise and leap out of our arms

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