Olivia at 37 Weeks


Phew, a bit late but for a good reason. We are still recovering from our first cross-country trip with Olivia, which included a red-eye flight each way. Some thought we were crazy for setting it up that way, but Olivia was fantastic. She slept during both flights and adjusted to the timezones immediately! I am definitely planning a travel tips blog post because I have a bunch to share. I even got major props from hubby for logistics and planning!

We’re at the end of Wonder Week 37 (the World of Categories) and I must say, this one didn’t have as strong of a stormy period (trust me, I’m not complaining), and her development wasn’t as clearly defined as in some of the other Wonder Weeks. She has definitely developed a ton, it’s just difficult to pinpoint specific things coming out of this week.

This week, Olivia:

Was on a bottle strike! She only drank about 20 ounces for a few days (but continued to eat solids). I’m guessing it’s because –

She sprouted her first tooth!!!! Her bottom front left tooth popped up on 3/27, and the one on the bottom right is still just waiting patiently, visible through the gum.

Displays impatience and defiance when she’s bored, especially when held for too long or put in car seat or stroller – she will arch her entire body or try to squirm away.

Talks and sings to herself while “reading” by turning the pages of her favorite books from start to finish.

Loves attention and is smiling at strangers more, and even waving at them.

Can distinguish what’s real – she’ll look in a mirror and see me in the reflection, and then look back at me.

Was extra clingy with daddy.

Saw her first snow. It was more like a light flurry, but still!

Started imitating us clapping. She mostly just touches her hands together, but it’s a start!

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