Olivia at 33 Weeks


This week, Olivia:
Stood on her own for a couple of seconds!! She was cruising along the couch like she normally does, picked up one of her little plastic animal toys that I was holding (she LOVES those things, btw), and started examining it with both hands without using the couch for support. After a moment, she fell into a sitting position, but I was so proud!!
Is whining more for attention, especially if you turn your back on her for a sec.
Loves to explore and taste everything, and gets the most determined look on her face when she’s examining something.
Especially likes shiny metallic surfaces like faucets and stainless steel, and absolutely loves her reflection in the bathroom mirror.
Tried the swing at the park! I was excited, but she was only mildly amused.
Is all about her Karen Katz books again (especially Daddy Hugs and Mommy Hugs).
Has had much better naps since we started the 2-3-4 routine. And she even had a couple of nights where she slept for 12 hours straight!! However, the last few nights, she’s been crying and whining in her sleep. She’s totally fine during the day, but I’m starting to suspect she may be teething.
Started doing a couple of interesting things when she’s overtired (especially at nap time): she throws her pacifier out of her crib (perhaps so we’ll come back in the room??) and falls asleep in a bent over sitting position that looks extremely uncomfortable. Luckily we’ve only had a handful of these episodes this week. We did start putting two pacifiers in her crib.
Used a set of books as step stool to get a better view out the window.
Ate pumpkin and liked it.
Ate millet (in a Plum Organics mix of sweet potato, mango and millet). She loved it so much, she kept sticking her tongue out and opening her mouth like a little bird.
Reached for a cup of iced tea I was drinking and made the milk sign. She REALLY wanted that cup!

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