Olivia at 30 Weeks: Separation Anxiety

This was the “non-Wonder Week” Wonder Week! While Olivia made such great strides in terms of development (see below), she was super fussy and refused naps to the point where she was averaging a little over an hour each day! I was on the lookout for separation anxiety, but kept going back to my Wonder Weeks book because I was convinced we were in a Wonder Week.  This is why this book is, hands down, the most read book in my baby library: “Fussy and irritable behavior at week 29 or 30  is not a telltale sign of another leap.  Your baby has simply discovered that his mommy can walk away and leave him behind.  Funny as it may sound, this is progress. It is a new skill; he is learning about distances.” Re-reading this excerpt throughout the week helped me remember that this is just a phase, because sometimes it’s easy to forget in the heat of the moment!

By the time the weekend came, she was back on track with her usual 1h 20m naps twice a day (which is already on the short end of the range, in my opinion). It seems like I go back and reference this baby sleep chart every month or so, so I figured I’d include it here!

Age Nighttime Sleep Daytime Sleep * Total Sleep
1 month 8 8 (inconsistent) 16
3 months 10 5 (3) 15
6 months 11 3 1/4 (2) 14 1/4
9 months 11 3 (2) 14
12 months 11 1/4 2 1/2 (2) 13 3/4
18 months 11 1/4 2 1/4 (1) 13 1/2
2 years 11 2 (1) 13
3 years 10 1/2 1 1/2 (1) 12
*Note: number of naps in parentheses Source: BabyCenter

Anyway, I digressed!

This week, Olivia:

  • Was even more vocal, shrieking with delight, and imitating sounds.
  • Started making a clicking sound with her tongue on the roof of her mouth, which apparently – along with blowing air – is a key step in language development (obviously, that’s a ways away)!
  • Started dancing when she hears music or a beat! It’s the cutest thing, she’ll play with her LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table table and when a song comes on, she bops her head from side to side and grins!
  • Is signing “milk” – or at least practicing the sign!! She signs it occasionally when she’s hungry or when she sees her bottle, but also does it when we say the word “milk”. It blows my mind how consistent signing for a couple of weeks really worked!!
  • Is comfortable pulling herself up to standing on the side of the couch and then lowering herself back to a sitting position on the floor.
  • Has outgrown her Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Activity Center. She tolerates it occasionally, but for the most part hates being contained in it, and starts whining anytime we put her in.  She does still love the toys on it, and will pull herself up on it and play with them.
  • Rode forward facing for the first time in our new BOB jogging stroller (and went for a jog)!
  • Ate prunes and absolutely loved them!

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