Olivia at 20 Months: Week 87

We’re back from our trip to New York and I have to tell you, flying with a 20 month old is WAY different from flying with an 8 month old. We took the red-eye there again and didn’t have the luck we did last year. It was hard for O to fall asleep, and after she did, she woke up screaming loudly one hour into it. I’m sure she woke everyone on the plane up. She finally calmed down after 20 minutes or so of us holding her while standing in the aisle (she didn’t want us to sit, and she definitely didn’t want to sit in her carseat). We got in at 6am and were totally exhausted. Luckily, Olivia’s always great about the time change (and this time, we had Daylight Saving to deal with on top of it). Switching her schedule immediately to the local time always seems to work well. On the way back, things were much better. Having tons of snacks and this Minnie Mouse Fairy Bowtique to play with didn’t hurt.

The top three things we used on both trips were: the Boba Air carrier (see my in-depth review here), this strap that lets you attach your carseat to a rolling suitcase (note, I didn’t roll it with O in there) and the Graco Pack ‘N Play with a separate mattress (which we didn’t travel with it since we keep both at my parents’ place)

This week, Olivia:

  • Saw some snow but wasn’t a big fan (see the face she made below)
  • Rode the subway for the first time. I closed my eyes in the photo but still had to include it 🙂
  • Ate a whole HUGE slice of pizza
  • Says “peace” and makes a peace sign
  • Asks me to put her banana on a plate and her bunny snacks in a bowl, and to wipe spills with a napkin
  • Likes to squeeze her eyes shut and pretend she’s sleeping
  • Calls daddy’s beard “scratchy”

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  1. I am petrified about traveling with Olive. PETRIFIED. We have flown once to Asia (18 hours ONE WAY) when she was 4 months old (that wasn’t terrible, now that I look back at it), and flown once to Dallas (THAT was a pain, because she was mobile already and refuses to sit still). Olive, being so well sleep trained, won’t sleep on the go. Ever.

    I guess I”m not traveling until she’s at least 5! haha!

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