Olivia at 13 Months: Week 57

20130820-095038.jpgThis week, Olivia:
Pretends to feed me from a cup
Continued her funny acrobatics – she lays on the floor head first, then rolls over onto her back, says “aaahhh” and just lays there, looking up at the ceiling, maybe reading a book. And then she gets up and does it all over again!
Is starting to say please “peease”
Laughs to herself while reading or playing with a toy
Helps me clean by picking up stuff off the floor and handing it to me
Says “awww” and snuggles with her dolls and toys
Got a Monchhichi doll and says “ma-ch-ch” while cuddling with it
Recognizes bears and says “beaw”, which is so cute! She does the same for hair “haiw”
We figured out what “ooch” means – orange! We gave her orange slices and she pointed at the orange and said it! It’s probably all of the playing we’ve been doing with her little grocery bag.

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