Olivia at 48 Weeks (11 Months)

Headband available at Ryan and Wren

Headband available at Ryan and Wren

This week, Olivia:

  • Gets extremely impatient in her high chair unless she is feeding herself. If I spoon-feed her, I have to give her an extra spoon to keep her distracted. She also mashes food onto┬áher highchair tray and spreads it around. Now that she’s a more “active” eater, I’m really appreciating how easy our OXO high chair is to clean because I have to do it multiple times a day! Oh, and this was weird – she got really frustrated for some reason in the middle of eating peacefully one day this week, and shoved half of a mini bagel in her mouth with this really defiant look on her face. I tried to grab it out, and she bit me and started crying for a second (she really doesn’t like it when I pull food out of her mouth, which I’ve had to do on rare occasions). I think that all of this eating weirdness could be teething related, since the edges of those top teeth are starting to peek out.
  • Cries for a brief moment if hubby or I put her down when we’re holding her. Overall she’s just extra sensitive and a bit fussy this week.
  • On the flip side, her verbal skills are through the roof, and she really amazed us with her vocabulary this week! She recognizes hubby’s watch and says “atch”, says “up” in the appropriate context, and came across her Hop on Pop Dr. Seuss book and said “hop pop”!! I totally would not believe this if I hadn’t seen it happen multiple times.
  • She continues to be obsessed with her Rhino Toys Oball, and shouts “ball” and points whenever she spots one.
  • Put the telephone to her ear while playing with it.
  • Can drink from her straw sippy cup while walking.
  • Takes longer to fall asleep when we put her down for her naps. Her current sleep schedule is: 7 am wake-up, 9:15 – 10:45 am naptime, 2:15 – 3:45 pm naptime, 7 pm bedtime.

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